At Spartan Tool, you'll find excellent drain cable ends for your sink machine or drum machine. From male and female couplings to splicers, our sewer cable ends are made with the highest-quality materials to offer the utmost durability when handling plumbing jobs. Browse our inventory below to find the perfect drain cable end for your machine, or contact us if you need any assistance.

  • Spartan .55 Double Male Coupling - 44114200

    Spartan Tool .55" Double Male Coupling - 44114200

    Are you in need of a strong coupling that will keep your drain cable firmly attached to your machine? Get yourself the Spartan .55 Double Male Coupling to make your job go as smoothly as possible!


    SKU: 44114200

  • Spartan .55 Female Coupling - 44113100

    Spartan Tool .55" Female Coupling - 44113100

    Wanting to make sure your drain cable is tight and snug on your machine when doing a drain cleaning job? A Spartan .55 Female Coupling will help you get the job done with no worries of anything coming loose!


    SKU: 44113100

  • Spartan .55 Long Male Coupling - 44114400

    Spartan Tool .55" Long Male Coupling - 44114400

    Got a drain cable you need to firmly fasten to a machine to clean out some plumbing? The Spartan .55 Long Male Coupling will help you keep everything solid and make your job go smoothly!


    SKU: 44114400

  • Spartan .55 Male Coupling - 44113000

    Spartan Tool .55" Male Coupling - 44113000

    Want to make sure the drain cable you are working with stays tight on your machine? Get yourself a Spartan .55 Male Coupling right now and your worries of anything coming loose will be gone!


    SKU: 44113000

  • Spartan .66 Double Male Coupling - 44054800

    Spartan Tool .66" Double Male Coupling - 44054800

    Looking to get a strong coupling for your drain cable? If you want something that is guaranteed to keep things attached and running smoothly, look no further than the Spartan .66 Double Male Coupling!


    SKU: 44054800

  • Spartan .66 Female Coupling - 44120500

    Spartan Tool .66" Female Coupling - 44120500

    When you need a coupling that will keep drain cables strongly attached to your Spartan Model 1065 or 2001, the Spartan .66 Female Coupling is exactly the accessory you need!


    SKU: 44120500

  • Spartan .66 Long Male Coupling - 44120400

    Spartan Tool .66" Long Male Coupling - 44120400

    If you are in need of a coupling to keep that drain cable on your machine without having to be concerned over anything coming loose, the Spartan .66 Long Male Coupling is up to the task!


    SKU: 44120400

  • Spartan .66 Male Coupling - 44120600

    Spartan Tool .66" Male Coupling - 44120600

    Got a clog removal job on your plate? You will want to make sure that your drain cable is fixed firmly to your machine so that everything goes smoothly. The Spartan .66 Male Coupling will provide you the extra security your job needs!


    SKU: 44120600

  • Spartan 13/32" Splicer - 50871011

    Spartan Tool 13/32" Splicer - 50871011

    When you need to fix up your drain cables to do a clog removal job, you need the right tool for the job. The Spartan 13/32" Splicer can help you do the repair you need so you can get the job done!


    SKU: 50871011

  • Splicer-5/8" Cable - 2878300

    Spartan Tool Splicer For 5/8" Cable, 02878300

    The Spartan Tool Splicer for 5/8" Cable (02878300) is an essential accessory for professionals in the sewer and drain cleaning industry. Designed to provide a secure and durable connection between sections of 5/8" cable, this splicer ensures...


    SKU: 02878300

  • Spartan Splicer .66 - 44053400

    Spartan Tool .66" Splicer, 44053400

    The Spartan Tool .66" Splicer (44053400) is engineered for professionals in the sewer and drain cleaning industry who demand precision and reliability. Designed specifically for .66" cables, this splicer ensures a secure and robust connection,...


    SKU: 44053400

  • Spartan Long Male Coupling 5/8 Cable - 02878200

    Spartan Tool Long Male Coupling For 5/8" Cable - 02878200

    If you are looking to make sure your drain cable remains tightly on your machine, a good coupling will be necessary. For 5/8" diameter cables, the Spartan Long Male Coupling 5/8 Cable is tough to beat!


    SKU: 2878200

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