When a plumbing issue occurs and you need to find a specific line, the Spartan Tool utility locator is what you need to handle the job. With the Spartan Locator, our specialty underground utility locator, you're able to find targets within most pipe materials and trace existing lines from other services. Additionally, you can use our Spartan Transmitter to complement your underground pipe locator for more thorough inspection. The Spartan Transmitter allows you to place signals on video reels and cable for line tracing and depth estimation when using the Spartan sewer line locator. No matter which type of underground locating equipment you need, our rugged tools will significantly improve your productivity on the job. Order your sewer line locator equipment today!

  • Spartan Transmitter - 61055000

    Spartan Tool Transmitter, 61055000

    Providing awareness for a safe and productive jobsite. The Spartan Tool Transmitter is a cutting-edge tool designed for professionals in the sewer and drain cleaning industry who require precision and reliability. This transmitter enhances your ability...


    SKU: 61055000

  • Spartan Locator With Case - 61048900K

    Spartan Tool Locator w/Case, 61048900K

    Due to supply chain shortages, there may be a shipping delay for this item. Find what you need in the line with ease! Looking for the right tool to help you find whatever is blocking things up in a drainage line? Needing a powerful and reliable modern...


    SKU: 61048900K

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