To get the best results from video plumbing inspection, you need a great, reliable sewer camera and excellent camera parts to help identify your blockage. That's where we can help. At Spartan Tool, we offer premium video inspection drain camera parts and tools, ranging from battery kits and control boxes to pushrods. Our authentic camera replacement parts and accessories are designed to help your camera last through the toughest jobs. And, if your equipment is in need of restoration, we carry the finest sewer camera repair parts available. Find the sewer camera parts you need for your plumbing inspection camera today!

  • Spartan 23mm Explorer Flexi Only - 64051690

    Spartan Tool .90" Explorer Flexi Only - 64051690

    Does your Spartan Explorer need a new Flexi? Get a Spartan 23mm Explerer Flexi only through Spartan Tool today!


    SKU: 64051690

  • Spartan AC Charging Cord, Explorer - 64051697

    Spartan Tool Explorer AC Charging Cord - 64051697

    Looking to get a replacement charging cable for your video inspection machine? The Spartan AC Charging Cord, Explorer is a reliable charger!


    SKU: 64051697

  • Spartan AC Power Cord, 118" - Red - 64020010

    Spartan Tool 118" Red AC Power Cord - 64020010

    Does your Spartan SparVision or Traveler need a replacement AC power cord that goes up to 118"? They are available here through Spartan Tool right now! Pick one up today!


    SKU: 64020010

  • Spartan AC Power Cord, 90 Degree Plg 9'10 - 63022000

    Spartan Tool 9'10 90 Deg AC Power Cord Plug - 63022000

    Are you in need of a new AC cable for your Spartan Tool made camera? The Spartan 90 Degree Plg 9'10 AC Power Cord is exactly what you need to keep your Spartan Provision, Protouch and Portavision cameras going!


    SKU: 63022000

  • Spartan Assembly, Basket Wiring Pro Touch - 63038000

    Spartan Tool Basket Wiring Pro-Touch Assembly - 63038000

    Needing a new harness to connect your Spartan machine's push-rod to its slip ring/encoder assembly? Pick up a Spartan Basket Wiring Pro Touch Assembly today! Works with SparVision, Traveler, and Traveler 2.0.


    SKU: 63038000

  • Spartan Assembly Monitor Cable 15' 8 Pin - 61042400

    Spartan Tool 15' Monitor Cable 8 Pin Assembly - 61042400

    If you find yourself in need of a cable to replace the one you currently have or possibly lost for your Spartan video inspection machine, you do not need to worry. The Spartan Assembly Monitor Cable 15' 8 Pin will get you back in business in no time.


    SKU: 61042400

  • Spartan Assembly Camera (Color Detachable) - 62005000

    Spartan Tool Camera Assembly (Color Detachable) - 62005000

    Are you in need of a new camera for your Spartan video inspection system that is powerful, versatile, and dependable? The Spartan Assembly Camera (Color Detachable) can get you a clear and defined look at any line you need to look through!


    SKU: 62005000

  • Spartan Wiring Harness, Main Spar-Vision - 64024800

    Spartan Tool SparVision 200 Main Wiring Harness - 64024800

    Is your wiring harness for your SparVision or Traveler from Spartan Tool in need of replacement? Pick one up today!


    SKU: 64024800

  • Spartan Wheel, Plastic - 61046300

    Spartan Tool Plastic Wheel - 61046300

    Needing to keep a video inspection job rolling on smoothly, but need a spare plastic wheel? Get a Spartan Plastic Wheel now and get fast shipping!


    SKU: 61046300

  • Spartan Backshell, .475" Connector Pt - 63043010

    Spartan Tool .475" Connector Pt Backshell - 63043010

    When you need to get a new connector pt for your Spartan video inspection system, you need not look any further than the Spartan Backshell, .475" Connector Pt!


    SKU: 63043010

  • Spartan Backshell, Taper - 61036800

    Spartan Tool Tapered Backshell - 61036800

    Are you looking around for a new backshell taper for your Spartan video inspection machine? The Spartan Backshell, Taper is available here.


    SKU: 61036800

  • Spartan Backshell, Taper (Detach-Large) - 61040900

    Spartan Tool Tapered Backshell (Detach Large) - 61040900

    If you are looking for a replacement large detachable backshell taper, Spartan Tool has what you need. The Spartan Backshell, Taper (Detach-Large) can help you fasten what you need and get you back on the job fast!


    SKU: 61040900

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