Spartan Tool's drain cleaning accessories and attachments are the perfect parts for modifying and enhancing your cable machine. Plumbing jobs are challenging and sometimes require additional drain cable attachments, like blades, to properly clear out clogged pipes. Or, if the drain cable gets bogged down due to normal wear and tear, it could benefit from sewer machine parts like cable ends. That's where we can help. Find the drain cleaning accessories that you need below and purchase them today.

  • #8 Repair Bulb (13/32) - 02789300

    Spartan Tool #8 13/32" Repair Bulb - 02789300

    Needing a Spartan Tool #8 13/32" Repair Bulb? Buy one right now through Spartan Tool!  


    SKU: 2789300

  • Spartan Tool Black Canvas Toolbag - 75831110

    Spartan Tool Black Canvas Toolbag, 75831110

    The Spartan Tool Black Canvas Toolbag is meticulously crafted to support professionals in the sewer drain cleaning industry, offering both exceptional durability and practical design. Engineered to hold a variety of tools necessary for on-the-job tasks,...


    SKU: 75831110

  • Spartan 1" Cable Blade for 5/16" Cable - 02867300

    Spartan Tool 1" Cable Blade For 5/16" Cable, 02867300

    Introducing the Spartan Tool 1" Cable Blade for 5/16" Cable (Part No. 02867300), a vital accessory for professional plumbing and drain cleaning operations. This hardened steel blade is specifically designed to enhance the performance of Spartan Tool's...


    SKU: 2867300

  • Spartan 1" Blade for 13/32" Cable - 02867400

    Spartan Tool 1" Blade For 13/32" Cable, 02867400

    The Spartan Tool 1" Blade for 13/32" Cable (Part No. 02867400) is a critical tool for professionals dealing with challenging root intrusions in plumbing systems. Specifically designed to attach seamlessly to the Spartan Model 100 with a 13/32" Drum, this...


    SKU: 2867400

  • 1-1/2" Cable Blade for 1/2" Cable - 02867600

    Spartan Tool 1-1/2" Blade For 1/2" Cable, 02867600

    Elevate your drain cleaning capabilities with the Spartan Tool 1-1/2" Blade for 1/2" Cable (Part No. 02867600), an essential accessory for professionals requiring powerful and efficient root cutting solutions. This blade is meticulously designed to...


    SKU: 2867600

  • 1-1/4" Blade for 13/32" Cable - 02867500

    Spartan Tool 1-1/4" Blade For 13/32" Cable, 02867500

    Introducing the Spartan Tool 1-1/4" Blade for 13/32" Cable (Part No. 02867500), a premium solution crafted to enhance the efficiency of root removal in plumbing systems. Engineered for compatibility with the Spartan Model 100 (13/32" Drum), this blade is...


    SKU: 2867500

  • Spartan .55 Double Male Coupling - 44114200

    Spartan Tool .55" Double Male Coupling - 44114200

    Are you in need of a strong coupling that will keep your drain cable firmly attached to your machine? Get yourself the Spartan .55 Double Male Coupling to make your job go as smoothly as possible!


    SKU: 44114200

  • Spartan .55 Female Coupling - 44113100

    Spartan Tool .55" Female Coupling - 44113100

    Wanting to make sure your drain cable is tight and snug on your machine when doing a drain cleaning job? A Spartan .55 Female Coupling will help you get the job done with no worries of anything coming loose!


    SKU: 44113100

  • Spartan 1-3/4" Cable Blade for 1/2" Cable - 02867700

    Spartan Tool 1-3/4" Blade For 1/2" Cable, 02867700

    The Spartan Tool 1-3/4" Blade for 1/2" Cable (Part No. 02867700) is a robust and indispensable accessory for clearing severe root intrusions in plumbing systems. Engineered for use with the Spartan Model 300 and Model 100 (1/2" Drum), this blade is...


    SKU: 2867700

  • Spartan .55 Male Coupling - 44113000

    Spartan Tool .55" Male Coupling - 44113000

    Want to make sure the drain cable you are working with stays tight on your machine? Get yourself a Spartan .55 Male Coupling right now and your worries of anything coming loose will be gone!


    SKU: 44113000

  • Spartan 2" 3-Blade Cutters - 02799600

    Spartan Tool 2" 3-Blade Cutters, 02799600

    Introducing the Spartan Tool 2" 3-Blade Cutters (Part No. 02799600), a robust tool engineered for tackling the most challenging root removal tasks in plumbing systems. Designed to integrate seamlessly with Spartan models 2001, 1065, and 300, these...


    SKU: 2799600

  • Spartan .55 Splicer - 44114500

    Spartan Tool .55" Splicer - 44114500

    Need to repair a drain cable? When you get the Spartan .55 Splicer, you can get your cable back in working order in a snap and get the job done!


    SKU: 44114500

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