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Spartan Tool 2" 3-Blade Cutter, 02799600

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Spartan 2" 3-Blade Cutters - 02799600

Spartan Tool 2" 3-Blade Cutter, 02799600


The Spartan Tool 2" 3-Blade Cutter is a robust tool engineered for tackling the most challenging root removal tasks in plumbing systems. Designed to integrate seamlessly with Spartan models 2001, 1065, and 300, these cutters are crafted from hardened steel with serrated edges, providing unparalleled cutting power. Ideal for professionals looking to enhance their plumbing services, these cutters make quick work of dense, invasive roots, ensuring smooth, unobstructed flow within pipes. The precision of these blades combined with their aggressive cutting ability offers a significant advantage in both time and efficiency.

Key Features:

  • Robust Material: Made from hardened steel for long-lasting durability and maximum toughness.
  • Efficient Design: Features three serrated blades that cut through thick roots with ease, reducing the effort needed for severe blockages.
  • Optimal Compatibility: Specifically designed for compatibility with Spartan models 2001, 1065, and 300, ensuring perfect fit and optimal performance.
  • Precision Cutting: The 2-inch size is ideal for a wide range of pipe diameters, offering versatile use across various plumbing scenarios.
  • Ease of Use: Simple to attach and operate, these cutters enhance the functionality of your Spartan drain cleaning machine, making them a valuable addition to any tool kit.

Package Contents:

  • 1 x Spartan Tool 2" 3-Blade Cutter


The Spartan 2" 3-Blade Cutter stand out in drain cleaning and maintenance, offering a high-performance solution for the most stubborn root-related clogs. Their design and construction not only save time and labor but also increase the effectiveness of the cleaning process, reinforcing Spartan Tool's reputation as a leader in the industry. This tool is essential for professionals seeking to provide thorough, reliable services to their clients.

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