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Spartan Tool Transmitter, 61055000

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Spartan Transmitter - 61055000

Spartan Tool Transmitter, 61055000


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Looking to get a powerful transmitter that can help you find blockages down in a drainage line with extreme accuracy? Get the Spartan Transmitter now to help you with your line blockage removal jobs! With a Spartan Transmitter, you get one of the most easy to use, long lasting, and reliable machines out there!

Spartan's transmitter allows you to place signals on video reels or cable for easy line tracing and depth estimation using the Spartan locator. The powerful 5 watt transmitter also allows tracing of water lines, drain lines, tracer wire, conduit, and more.

  • Intuitive operator interface is easy to learn and use, and includes multiple languages
  • Superior battery life: 100+ hours (max); more than twice as long as the competition's
  • Ruggedly built, industry-best IP65 rating to ensure excellent performance in dusty, dirty or wet jobsite conditions
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