To get the best results from video plumbing inspection, you need a great, reliable sewer camera and excellent camera parts to help identify your blockage. That's where we can help. At Spartan Tool, we offer premium video inspection drain camera parts and tools, ranging from battery kits and control boxes to pushrods. Our authentic camera replacement parts and accessories are designed to help your camera last through the toughest jobs. And, if your equipment is in need of restoration, we carry the finest sewer camera repair parts available. Find the sewer camera parts you need for your plumbing inspection camera today!

  • Spartan Spring, Flexi Braid Hose - 64051602

    Spartan Tool Flexi Braid Hose Spring - 64051602

    Is the flexi braid hose for your Spartan 44mm Explorer camerahead in need of a new spring? Get one through Spartan Tool today!


    SKU: 64051602

  • Spartan Spring, Flex Link - Pro Touch - 63030321

    Spartan Tool Pro-Touch Flex-Link Spring - 63030321

    Are you searching for a new flex link to use with your Spartan Pro Touch, SparVision, Traveler, or Traveler 2.0? The Spartan Flex Link - Pro Touch Spring is exactly what you need!


    SKU: 63030321

  • Spartan Spring Assembly, Flex Link Pt - 63030320

    Spartan Tool Spring Assembly Flex Link Pt - 63030320

    Are you in need of a new 2 coupler flex link spring for use with your Spartan Pro-Touch's flex link? Find a Spartan Flex Link Pt Spring Assembly with Spartan Tool today!


    SKU: 63030320

  • Spartan Spacer, Nylon 1/2" Od X 3/16 - 64021060

    Spartan Tool 1/2" Od X 3/16" Nylon Spacer - 64021060

    Do you need to get a hold of an extra nylon spacer for your Spartan video inspection machine? Get a Spartan Nylon 1/2" Od X 3/16 Spacer right away for quick shipping!


    SKU: 64021060

  • Spartan Spacer, 1/2" Od X 1/4" Lng Nyl - 64021065

    Spartan Tool 1/2" Od X 1/4" Lng Nyl Spacer - 64021065

    Are you searching for a spare spacer for your Spartan video inspection hardware? Buy a Spartan 1/2" Od X 1/4" Lng Nyl Spacer right now for easy fast shipping!


    SKU: 64021065

  • Sonde,Cable - 61023600

    Spartan Tool Sonde Cable - 61023600

    Looking for a reliable and accurate way to find plastic water pipes? Get a Cable Sonde from Spartan Tool today to quickly and easily find what you need, but cannot see!


    SKU: 61023600

  • Spartan Socket, 24-30 Awg .062 Contact - 63013400

    Spartan Tool 24-30 Awg .062" Contact Socket - 63013400

    Looking around for an extra contact socket for your Spartan hardware? Buy a Spartan 24-30 Awg .062 Contact Sockeet right now to get fast and hassle-free shipping!


    SKU: 63013400

  • Spartan Snap Ring, External - 3/8" Sft - 64022430

    Spartan Tool 3/8" External Snap Ring Sft - 64022430

    Are you in need of a replacement to your 3/8" SFT External Snap Ring for your Spartan video inspection hardware? Get one today for fast shipping!


    SKU: 64022430

  • Spartan Sleeve, B&W Centering Guide - 61047100

    Spartan Tool Sleeve Black & White Centering Guide - 61047100

    Needing to get a new centering guide sleeve for your video inspection system from Spartan Tool? Purchase a Spartan B&W Centering Guide Sleeve right now for quick shipping!


    SKU: 61047100

  • Spartan Shim, Adjustable Hinge Small - 64022995

    Spartan Tool Adjustable Small Hinge Shim- 64022995

    Is a screw missing from your Spartan machine's camera assembly? Pick up a new Adjustable Hinge Small Shim from Spartan Tool today!


    SKU: 64022995

  • Spartan Shim, Adjustable Hinge Large - 64022990

    Spartan Tool Adjustable Large Hinge Shim - 64022990

    Looking to get a new shim for your Spartan Traveler? Pick up an Adjustable Hinge Large Shim from Spartan Tool today!


    SKU: 64022990

  • Spartan Tool #6-32 X 3/16" Locking Screw Set - 61043800

    Spartan Tool #6-32 X 3/16" Locking Screw Set - 61043800

    Looking for a tool set that has everything you need in it? Purchase a Spartan Tool Set #6-32 X 3/16 Locking Screw now!


    SKU: 61043800

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