Sewer Drain Snake Cutting Blades and Attachments

The selection of the attachment for a sewer snake is also important. The choice of attachments for a sewer drain snake is generally limited to:

    • cutting blade
    • grease bulb
    • hook
    • drophead

If the technician is confident that a full-size blade can be passed through the pipe on the first attempt, a blade the same size of the pipe may be selected. Discretion, however, usually dictates the use of a smaller size blade to open the pipe and get water flowing, then insert a full-size blade to clean the pipe down to the sides.

Cutting Blade Guide

There are numerous choices for cutting blades that are affixed to a snake cable end, and each major type is listed below with its typical application.


Serrated Blade

Rip through obstructions

Knife Edged Blade

Cut through blockages

Half Blade

Look similar to double edged pear blades but have only one side, used as a preliminary drain opener


Designed to be used 1, 2, or 3 at a time; when a majority of roots have been removed, a second and third blade can be added to the blade holder

P-Trap Blade

C-shaped blade that closely resembles the shape of the pipe, to make it easier to pass through a trap or execute a bend

Saw Blade

Completely circular shaped blade, with serrated edges on both sides and designed to rip out roots

Grease Blade

3" or 4" blade with "paddles" that act as a scoop and cause a churning action within the line for cleaning grease

Spear Blade

Used for penetrating stoppages in 3" to 6" sewer lines; this tool should be used first to open lines for water drainage before introducing a cutting blade

Boring Tool

Used to penetrate firm, hard stoppages in larger pipe to open lines for water drainage


Resembles a large cone and is used to extract rags, towels, and broken cable from 3" to 10" lines

Cable Uncoupling Stand

A small stand that supports the cable in place while removing the expansion pin to uncouple cable

"T" Wrench

Ideal tool for fastening cutters to cables

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