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Spartan Tool Traveler 3.0 Sewer Inspection Camera - 64300000

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Pipe Sizes:
4" - 12"
976 x 496
Push Rod Length:
Apple® iPad (10.2") or Samsung Galaxy Tab® (10.4")
Camera Head:
46 lbs
22.5" W x 26" H x 12" D



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Spartan Tool Traveler 3.0 Sewer Inspection Camera - 64300000

Spartan Tool Traveler 3.0 Sewer Inspection Camera - 64300000


The Spartan Tool Traveler 3.0 Sewer Inspection Camera is an upgraded all-in-one heavy duty machine for the toughest of customers.

Are you trying to get to the bottom of a particularly tough sewer clog problem? Needing hardware for sewer cleaning that pulls up all the stops to get you to what you need to see with no hassle? The Spartan Tool Traveler 3.0 Sewer Inspection Camera is here to do exactly that!

The Traveler 3.0 from Spartan Tool brings you the same compact, portable size as with previous models, but features interior components that have been completely upgraded and rebuilt. Plus, the Traveler 3.0 has a push rod that is more durable and stronger than before, featuring a removable reel to allow you to swap out reels while you are out in the field fast and without problem.

With the Traveler 3.0, you get an upgraded camera head with high-intensity LEDs in your standard package. However, we also offer an outstanding line of customizable camera heads that are easily interchangeable to provide you with that extra bit of flexibility.

With upgraded interior electronic components that are engineered and built to stand up to a wide array of harsh environments and deliver you better accuracy and resolution, the Spartan Tool Traveler 3.0 Sewer Inspection Camera takes your sewer inspection game up to the next level.


The Spartan Tool Traveler 3.0 Sewer Inspection Camera comes equipped with numerous useful features that make your sewer inspection jobs an absolute breeze. These features include things like:

  • Stronger yet thinner profile push rod with a removable, replaceable reel for quick changes in the field
  • Touchscreen control of all features
  • Telestrator technology allows you to highlight any problem with the touch of a finger
  • On-screen, full QWERTY keyboard
  • Included camera head delivers higher quality video with 500,000 pixels and high-intensity 84,830 lux LEDs for improved visibility
  • Interchangeable, easily detachable camera heads available in highly customizable configurations: various sizes available with or without self-leveling and sonde
  • Sapphire glass lens reduces scratching
  • Waterproof, self-leveling camera head
  • 512 Hz locating beacon
  • Robust waterproof connectors
  • More stable wifi connectivity
  • 110 volt or battery operation
  • Up to six hours of battery life on a single charge
  • Freeze-frame snapshot capability at any time
  • Add text at any time to any video or snapshot
  • Changeable font sizes, colors and locations
  • Easily removeable Apple® iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab® communicates via WiFi router connection, allowing you to move anywhere on the job site
  • Full tablet capabilities allow you to email a recorded video at any time
  • Camera centering guide included
  • Built-in microphone allows easy job site narration
  • On-screen, repositionable footage counter
  • Camera light intensity rheostat
  • Lithium-ion battery technology
  • Built-in transport cart with extending handle and high-clearance wheels
  • Heavy-duty rotationally molded case protects unit in harshest conditions
  • Improved rubber wheels are stronger and more durable with bearings for smoother, quieter movement
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