5 Tips for Using Your Hydro Jetter to Grow Your Business

Posted by Spartan Tool on Dec 22, 2022

5 Tips for Using Your Hydro Jetter to Grow Your Business

A hydro jetter is a drain cleaning tool that can make all manner of sewer and drain cleaning jobs easier. They are one of the most powerful, reliable, and efficient pieces of hardware out there, and are a go-to for plumbers when they need to get that extra power that nothing else can provide them with. That said, if you are a plumber looking to purchase a hydrojet drain cleaning machine, you will want to be sure that you can get the return on investment you are looking for. Water jetters are a significant investment, after all. Fortunately, there are a number of things that you can do to use your hydro jetter to grow your business. Spartan Tool is here to give you some tips!

What is a Hydro Jetter and What are its Uses?

A hydro jetter is a powerful tool that is used primarily for the purpose of ridding building drain and sewer lines of obstructions that have proven to be considerably difficult to get rid of, especially for drain cleaning tools such as drain cleaning cable machines. Sewer cleaning machines range in size, power, portability, and numerous other factors, depending on what type you have. Each kind of water jetter is designed to be able to exceed in handling different tasks, and can prove effective where others cannot. As a result, they can make you capable of taking care of bigger drain cleaning jobs than some other plumbers, allowing you to grow your business.

What Do Hydro Jetters Do?

What hydro jetters do is relatively simple. Essentially, they take water from whatever source they have available (based on the type) and then focus it toward the obstruction in either a drain or sewer in a fast and powerful manner using a unique, specially designed jetter nozzle. Ideally, once the water jetter has made enough contact with the cause of the clog, the clog will then be removed. Once this happens, the drain or sewer will be able to move water freely and easily through once again. In addition to that, hydrojet drain cleaning machines can be used to clean pipes and sewers in order to remove any build-up and prevent any future blockages from occurring.

What are the Kinds of Hydro Jetters?

As mentioned earlier, sewer jetters come in a wide variety of forms and sizes, based on a variety of factors, such as portability, power, budget, capacity, etc. Each has their own areas where they excel and show their individual strengths above other methods of sewer and drain cleaning. In order to have the best idea as to how you will want to go about using your hydro jetter to grow your business, you should first have a solid idea as to what kind will best suit your personal needs out in the field. Some of the most common types of hydrojet drain cleaners include:

Spartan Tool Sewer Jetter

  • Portable Jetter: A portable jetter is a type of water jetter that typically comes in an easy to carry case. The idea is to be able to provide plumbers with a means of cleaning a drain in either a residential or commercial building of basic obstructions with the least amount of transportation related hassle possible. These kinds of water jetters typically work best when being used to remove grease as well as soft clogs. They are also a reliable means of cleaning a line after an obstruction has been removed or as a means of providing a building’s plumbing with preventative maintenance.

Spartan Tool Sewer Jetter

  • Cart Jetter: A cart jetter is a kind of hydrojet drain cleaner that provides more power and punch than a portable jetter, but is still considerably easier to transport than other options. They have wheels and can be easily fit into a vehicle, various rooms, and many other places that are a bit difficult for heavier duty water jetters to get to. Cart jetters can roll over a wide variety of different terrains, making their extra weight easier to deal with during transport. These kinds of hydro jetters are particularly useful for things like clearing out blocked sinks, clogged toilets, and more.

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  • Skid Mount Jetter: When a portable jetter nor a cart jetter are able to cut through the clog you are dealing with, it is time for you to bring in something that packs a significantly bigger punch. This is where a skid mount jetter can be of considerable help to you. These kinds of hydrojet drain cleaners are mounted to the back of a truck or other vehicle, and then the hose is able to be run into wherever the clogged part of the line is. Skid mount jetters provide a heavy amount of PSI and GPM that can help you break through tougher, more solid blockages than portable jetters can. They also can hold considerably more water, letting you work longer than the portable jetters will be able to.

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  • Trailer Jetter: When you get to the point where a clog is so difficult to remove that not even a skid mount jetter is able to get the drain cleaning job done, then you are in need of one of the most powerful drain cleaning tools of all: the trailer jetter. These vehicle pulled, gas powered hydro jetters can use high powered jet streams to smash through even the toughest of obstructions, including the most stubborn of tree roots. As a result, this high PSI and GPM along with the hot water option leaves the lines flowing freely once again and cleaner than they were before.

Tips for Using Your Hydro Jetter to Grow Your Business

When making a significant investment such as the purchase of a hydro jetter, it is of the utmost importance that you have a strong idea as to how to go about using it to grow your plumbing business. Hydrojet drain cleaning machines typically have a high and speedy return on investment, but in order to be able to make the most of it, you need to first know how to go about things the right way. This is where these tips come in. By following these tips for using your hydro jetter to grow your business, you can get the most out of your purchase and help bring in a variety of different sources of business for many years to come.

Tip 1: Offer Preventative Drain Cleaning Services

One major thing you can do to improve your business using your hydro jetter is to offer clients preventative maintenance services. Hydrojet drain cleaners not only help remove obstructions from the plumbing, but also clean it as well. As a result, this helps prevent build-up of grease and other kinds of clogs that might cause a drain or sewer to back up. This leaves pipes running smoothly, and keeps your customers from having to deal with anywhere near as much risk of having future issues with obstructions and degradation of the plumbing itself. This would be a particularly good service to advertise to restaurants or other places that deal with various kinds of waste that has the potential to build up and cause issues later down the line.

Tip 2: Power Washing

One of the other functions a hydro jetter can serve is acting as a power washer. With the right kinds of nozzles and attachments, you can use your hydro jetter to act as a power washer. Keep in mind that a water jetter will not be as effective as a machine manufactured specifically for the purpose of power washing, and vice-versa, but it can still get the job done in many instances. Regardless, this is still another way that your hydro jetter can help you grow your business.

Tip 3: Advertise What Your Hydro Jetter Lets You Do for Customers

One of the best ways to use your hydro jetter to grow your business is to let potential customers know what it can do for them. Sewer jetters can perform a number of useful functions that can not only make a customer’s plumbing work better overall, but also save them a great deal of time, hassle, and money in the long run. Advertise the benefits that your hydro jetter has, despite the fact that it may be more expensive upfront. In the long run, they keep more money in their pockets. Some of the benefits of hydro jetting include the following:

Clean Pipes, Not Just Unclog

As mentioned earlier, hydro jetters are capable of more than just removing obstructions from a drain or sewer line. Their capabilities also extend as far as being able to clean all manner of build-up from the pipes. This can prevent future clogs from occurring and even extend the life of the pipes themselves.

Clean Many Kinds of Drains

One of the major draws for hydro jetters is that they are able to clean out a wide variety of different types of drains. Some of the most common include drains like:

  • Tubs
  • Bathroom Sinks
  • Showers
  • Floor Drains
  • Laundry Lines
  • Kitchen Drains
  • Main Sewer Lines

Water jetters provide a plethora of versatility, offering you the opportunity to offer your customers a powerful and reliable way to clean out whatever clogs they are dealing with, no matter where they might happen to be.

Blast Through Roots with Zero Chemicals

When folks run into a drain clog, many will typically turn first to over the counter household drain cleaning chemicals. While effective in some cases, these can often do some considerable damage to their plumbing. One thing that you can do to use your hydro jetter to grow your business in this instance is to let clients know that hydro jetting can blast through even the toughest of obstructions, like roots, without doing any damage to their pipes. This can keep customers from having to spend more money further on down the road with having to replace pipes that have been corroded or damaged in a variety of other ways from having used chemicals to clean out an obstruction that is causing their drain to back up.

Speed Up Clean-Up

Sewer jetters speed up the process of cleaning out a drain or sewer considerably. The reason behind this is that they are able to use their high powered water power to both cut through obstructions and build-up while also flushing. As a result, this will lessen the amount of time you need to be at a job site, which is something that will make your customers happier.

Hot Water Power

Similar to how hot water helps you clean up dishes in the sink and dishwasher, hot water also can help you get rid of clogs in a drain or sewer. One of the key differences that some water jetter machines make is being able to use hot water to help clean out a drain and remove whatever obstruction happens to be in the way.

Tip 4: Advertise the Money Saving Aspects

There are actually numerous money saving aspects for your clients when it comes to hydro jetting. Because of the preventative maintenance aspects of it, such as water jetters being able to clean out the insides of pipes, it extends their life, prevents build-up, and keeps your clients from having to spend the money and deal with the time and hassle of replacing all of the plumbing altogether. By advertising this particular aspect of your business, you can bring in all manner of clientele who would rather spend the money on hydro jetting from time to time rather than spend a fortune on having new plumbing installed.

Tip 5: Offer to Clean Sewers

Another way you can use your hydro jetter to grow your business is to offer to clean sewers. Not every plumber is equipped to take on such a task, but with the right water jetter machine at your disposal, you have more than enough power to rid a sewer of build-up and various kinds of obstructions that can keep water from flowing as it should. By offering to clean sewers, you open up a wider range of opportunities for business.

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