How to Use a Sewer Inspection Camera to Grow Your Business

Posted by Spartan Tool on Feb 01, 2023

How to Use a Sewer Inspection Camera to Grow Your Business

It can be a lot of stress and hassle, just trying idea after idea without any solid clue as to what you are up against when you are at a sewer and drain cleaning job facing a tough obstruction. If you do not have the ability to know exactly what kind of clog is wedged somewhere deep down a line, you could spend hours or even days trying to find the right method, but to no avail. This is where having a sewer inspection camera can be of significant assistance not only for getting the job done but increasing your business too. Spartan Tool is here today to tell you about using your sewer inspection camera to grow your business.

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The Sewer Inspection Camera Advantage

No one likes being in the dark, only guessing at what and where a problem might be when it comes to sewer and drain cleaning. It can take hours or even days to rid a line of a blockage if it is particularly difficult and you do not have a clear picture as to what it might be and where it may be located. This is where a sewer inspection camera, also known as a plumbing camera, sewer camera, or a pipe camera can be of a significant advantage to you, your team, and your entire business as a whole.

A plumbing camera can offer your clients an array of different services and advantages that nothing else can. You can not only find things like obstructions in a sewer or drain, but also provide a number of different preventative services to your customers as well. Such a wide array of services can help you grow your business exponentially over time if offered and advertised enough. Some of the things that a pipe camera can do for your clients include a variety of useful things such as:

  • Detection of root intrusion
  • Detection of pipe deterioration
  • Locating blockages
  • Locating leaking pipe joints

As you can see, a sewer inspection camera opens you up to numerous opportunities to further grow your business, especially if you utilize its benefits the right ways to your advantage. It is all a matter of knowing what you have to offer and getting creative with how you go about using it and offering it to the general public.

Growing Your Business with a Sewer Inspection Camera

Purchasing a sewer camera is no small investment by any stretch of the imagination. Fortunately, it is one that you can make your money back on if you know what you are doing. Having a sewer inspection camera on hand not only provides you a significant advantage while out on a job, but also a business advantage as well. There are a number of different ways you can go about using your sewer inspection camera to grow your business considerably over time. By following these useful tips from Spartan Tool, you can watch your business improve more and more and profit heavily from your investment in the plumbing camera.

Show Customers You Offer What the Competition Does Not

One of the great things about owning a sewer inspection camera is that you have a tool that gives you quite the leg up on the rest of the local competition. Not everyone has a plumbing camera, thus you have a tool that you can use to offer a service that many customers will find appealing. You can advertise this sewer camera advantage and let customers know that you can get to the root of the problem (some times literally) much quicker and more efficiently than those who are just working in the dark and just doing a lot of guess work. You can advertise that this advantage means that you will be spending less time on the job site, thus saving your customers money as well as any time spent with their space and possibly business being interrupted by your work in the middle of their property.

Advertise What Your Sewer Inspection Camera Can Do for Customers

You might be well aware of the vast number of considerable benefits that using a sewer inspection camera can have, but the average person out on the street might not. Because of this, you should put in your advertisements the various benefits and advantages that having a high quality plumbing camera inspection can have for a drain or sewer that is clogged or is just in need of routine preventive maintenance. By listing them all out in a way that stands out to your potential customers, you stand a better chance of bringing in new clients and growing your business even further.

Persuade Clients Who are Reluctant to Take Your Advice

Some times, you might be recommending a certain kind of plumbing repair to a customer based on the kinds of findings you are making while investigating their drain or sewer, but they are a bit apprehensive to go along with it for one reason or another. They might not think it necessary nor want to spend the money to get it done. It may just be that the customer does not feel like dealing with the time and hassle involved in getting the repair done. However, with a sewer inspection camera, you can show such clients concrete visual evidence that the kind of repair or maintenance that you know that they need is necessary and the right way for them to go after all. Plus, it is also a reliable way to show that such repairs or maintenance is better tended to sooner rather than later.

In order to persuade apprehensive customers into following your professional advice on what to do moving forward, you can use your sewer inspection camera’s recordings to be able to show them the footage of roots or other kinds of blockages causing issues that could lead to bigger problems down the line. When you have indisputable proof of what you are talking about, you can potentially make your uncertain customers more receptive to the advice you are trying to get across to them. As a result, you can not only grow your business with your sewer camera, but also help your customers save a considerable amount of money in the long run as well.

Give Clients Recordings on a Flash Drive or SD Card

Some types of plumbing cameras will allow you to record the results of your journey through their drain or sewer to find whatever blockage is causing a problem onto a flash drive or an SD card. As a result, the customers whose plumbing you are investigating using your sewer inspection camera can view the footage at their leisure, as many times as they want. These customers can even show the footage of their sewer camera inspection to their family, friends, colleagues, and other acquaintances if they should choose to do so. This can act as further advertisement, as these acquaintances can see for themselves first hand what a sewer inspection can do for them, should they need such services further down the line.

There is also an opportunity for further company advertising, should you elect to use such a sewer camera. If you were to get company branded flash drives or SD cards, they can act as a great way to do some extra promotion of your business for both current and future clients alike without having to spend a whole lot of extra money. In a sense, they are a 21st century version of the business card but provide further function. As a result, this can in a variety of different ways further help you to grow your business using your sewer inspection camera.

Offer Maintenance Plans

Another way that you can use your sewer camera to grow your business is to offer your customers a preventative maintenance plan. Many people will often put off calling any kind of plumbing professional until there is a noticeable problem that could have already caused their plumbing some serious long term damage. This is usually the kind of damage that could cost a considerable amount of time and money to repair. However, if you offer customers and potential customers alike a preventative maintenance plan and explain to them why such a thing is important to them – particularly if they are a business, you can further employ your sewer camera to grow your business even further.

A preventative maintenance plan involving your plumbing camera can involve offering various options. You can offer to check a customer’s plumbing every so often to see whether or not they have any kind of build-ups forming or anything else making its way into the drain or sewer that could turn into a big problem later on if not treated soon. Doing this can not only help you drum up even more business, but it can also help you build up a long term relationship with individual clients. This not only gets you more business with them, but then as a result can end up in them recommending you and your sewer inspection camera services to their friends, family, as well as colleagues.

Renting Out Your Sewer Inspection Camera

Another way that your business can be grown from using your sewer inspection camera is by not using it yourself, but rather renting it out to other plumbing professionals. There are many plumbers out there who do not need the capabilities of a plumbing camera often enough to justify the cost involved in purchasing one. What they can do instead is just rent one for the few instances where that extra eye down a sewer or drain would be useful. This is where you can come in to help. By offering your sewer camera for rent, you can make passive income by renting it out during times when you may not necessarily need to have it available for your own work.

Deliver High Quality Results

Getting a sewer and drain cleaning job involving sewer inspection is only the beginning when it comes to using your sewer inspection camera to grow your business. It is most certainly not the end by any stretch of the imagination. When you get hired on to do the job, you need to be able to provide your customer with work that is absolutely top notch and second to none. You want for them to have nothing but good things to say about you to people they might talk to about the drain or sewer investigation work you conducted for them.

A significant part of this process is extra high quality video, findings reports, as well as a comprehensive analysis that shows your customers everything that they need to know in a way that they can fully understand without a whole lot of extra explanation on your part. In addition, when your customers can see that you are 100% confident about your findings through the use of your sewer camera, it gives them confidence in you as well. This will also translate through word of mouth and even online reviews your customers may end up giving for you.

Make Your Voice Heard with Footage Narration

There are numerous types of sewer inspection cameras that come equipped with plumbing camera keyboards as well as sewer camera microphones so that as you are recording your inspection of a sewer or drain, you can add titles as well as voiced over narration. This can be useful for not only your own notes, but also for the copy of the recording that you end up giving to your customers during the job. This can be useful for helping to further explain what you found in a line in layman’s terms as well as help persuade any customers that are on the fence about going through with a certain type of repair or form of maintenance. It is also useful for helping to further explain things to any acquaintances that the customer might end up showing the footage to after the fact. As a result, this kind of service can help convince those acquaintances to contract your services when they might need them in the future for either blockage removal, preventative maintenance, and more.

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