Increase Revenue and Profitability for Your Drain Cleaning Business with the LightRay LR3 System

Posted by Spartan Tool on Oct 08, 2023

Increase Revenue and Profitability for Your Drain Cleaning Business with the LightRay LR3 System

Running a successful drain cleaning business requires staying ahead of the competition and offering innovative solutions that not only solve your customers' problems but also boost your profitability. In this blog post, we'll explore how the LightRay LR3 System can be a game-changer for your business, helping you increase revenue and profitability in multiple ways.

LightRay LR3 System: A Profitable Opportunity

Low Average Cost to Perform a Repair

The LightRay LR3 System boasts a cost-effective approach to pipe repair. Its efficiency allows you to keep costs down while delivering top-notch results. With LR3, you won't break the bank on materials, which directly impacts your bottom line.

Great Profit Margins on LightRay LR3 Repairs

Profit margins are crucial in any business, and the LR3 System offers fantastic margins. By providing cost-effective pipe repair solutions to your customers, you can charge competitive rates while enjoying higher profits on each LightRay LR3 repair job.

Earn up to 10x Profits on Each Job

Yes, you read that right! With LR3, you have the potential to earn up to 10 times the profits compared to traditional repair methods. This means you can maximize your revenue with every LR3 project.

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The LightRay LR3 System is Cost-Effective

LR3 is Less Disruptive Than Other Pipe Repair Methods

One of the standout features of the LR3 System is its minimally disruptive nature. Unlike traditional methods that involve digging up the damaged pipe, LightRay LR3 requires no excavation, which translates to zero damage to floors, landscaping, or utilities such as gas and water lines. This reduces the overall cost and hassle for both you and your customers.

Requires Less Time to Install

Time is money, and the LR3 System understands that. It cures in as little as 10 minutes, allowing pipes to be back in service promptly. The speedy installation means you can take on more projects in a day, further increasing your revenue potential.

Operator-Friendly Design

The LightRay LR3 System is designed with the user in mind. The fiberglass liner comes pre-impregnated with resin material, eliminating the need for messy resin mixing and measuring. Moreover, there's no rush to install the liner, as curing doesn't begin until the UV light is activated. This flexibility allows you to ensure the liner is placed correctly and make adjustments as needed, guaranteeing a successful repair.

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The Opportunity for Pipe Repair

45% of North American Pipes Are at or Past the Point of Structural Integrity

The statistics are clear: a significant portion of pipes in North America are in dire need of repair. As a drain cleaner, you're already working in these pipes, making it the perfect opportunity to offer inspection services and discover the root causes of problems.

Each Drain Cleaning Call Is an Opportunity

Every time you receive a drain cleaning call, you have the chance to upsell your customers by offering a cost-effective, same-day, permanent solution for their damaged pipes using the LightRay LR3 System.

LightRay LR3 Is an Affordable Way to Grow Your Business

LightRay LR3 Financing Payments Are Less Than the Profit from One Install Per Month

Worried about the upfront costs? Don't be! The monthly financing payments for LR3 are often less than the profit you can make from just one installation per month, making it a financially viable option.

Financing as Low as $545 per Month Through Apex Commercial Capital

To make it even more accessible, Spartan Tool offers financing options through our partner, Apex Commercial Capital. With financing as low as $545 per month, you can get the equipment you need without a significant financial burden.

One LR3 Install a Month Pays for the Equipment

The best part? If you perform just one LightRay LR3 install a month, the profit from that single job is enough to cover the equipment costs. It's a smart investment in the future of your business.

Lightray LR3 System

The LightRay LR3 System is a game-changer for drain cleaning businesses. It not only offers cost-effective, efficient, and operator-friendly solutions for damaged pipes but also opens up a world of opportunities in pipe repair. With its affordability and the potential for substantial profits, there's no reason not to embrace the LR3 System and take your drain cleaning business to new heights of success. Don't miss out on this opportunity to increase your revenue and profitability – make the switch to LightRay LR3 today!

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