5 Creatures That Have Been Found in Toilets

Posted by Spartan Tool on Oct 03, 2018

1. Snakes

A woman in Pennsylvania went online after her toiled clogged to try to determine why it happened. She was skeptical when she read that it might have been caused by a snake – and then she saw the snake coming out of the bowl. Unfortunately, this is not the only incident reported of a snake in the toilet.

2. Squirrels

Would you believe we easily found multiple stories AND videos about this? One was alerted by her dogs and found a squirrel in the toilet, covered in the stuff normally found in a toilet drain. She was nice enough to clean off the visitor before releasing it. Google “squirrel in toilet videos.” You’ll be amazed by how many there are!

Toilet Creatures Graphic

3. Rats

Apparently this is such a common occurrence that King County in Washington posted recommendations online for what to do if someone finds a rat in their toilet:

  • Stay Calm!
  • Keep the lid down so that it is unable to jump out.
  • Squirt some liquid dish soap in the toilet to help break the surface tension of the water. The soap de-greases the oils on the rat's fur so it cannot stay afloat in the water.
  • Flush the toilet! The rat will usually go back down the drain the same way it came up. You may need to flush multiple times.

4. Possum

A man in Australia said the experience was “…like the toilet had given birth” when a small possum emerged from his toilet among strange bubbling and gurgling.

5. Frogs

Bob Vila has had multiple inquiries on his site about what to do when one discovers a frog in the toilet. One lady in Australia just gave in and decided to find a way to peacefully cohabitate with her bathroom buddy.

Bonus – Toilet Spiders

There have been lots of stories about the arachnius gluteus that is rumored to wait for your gluteus to show itself before attacking. Thankfully, these are yet another rumor spread like wildfire thanks to the internet.

What's the strangest creature you've encountered in a drain?

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