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Posted by Spartan Tool on Jun 28, 2019

Ever wonder why Spartan cable is the best you can buy?

You're up against tough roots and know you're going to need lots of power to clear that line. You need a cable that is durable, reliable, and has superior torque to break through the blockage. At Spartan Tool, we have developed every step of the cable production process to ensure our cable is the toughest, most durable, and quickest torqueing cable you can buy.

Genuine Spartan cable can only be bought directly from Spartan Tool or our exclusive distributors. Don't be fooled by competitors. Check for the Genuine Spartan label before you buy.

Spartan Tool Cable Graphic

Manufacturing Facility

Our Process

Manufacturing Facility


Spartan cable starts with the highest quality iron ore. All of the steel for our cable comes from the same source, which is processed and rolled into rod at one rolling mill.

This allows complete control so that we know we are starting with the highest quality rod. Many companies will shop the market to source the best price on rod. This leads to inconsistencies that can produce subpar cable. Using the same source means that Spartan cable performs the same way, every time.


Our proprietary process has been designed to create a product with high fatigue resistance and increased material toughness. This toughness gives our cable the ability to resist failure. Once the rod has been processed, it goes through a cleaning cycle, a heat treating process, then a second cleaning for a uniform, smooth, and clean surface. This surface is then coated with zinc which is bonded to the steel and drawn into wire. The surface protection provided by the zinc layer enhances the wire’s resistance to harsh environments and improves life cycle.

Creating the cable

The zinc-coated wire is then shipped to our factory in Niles, Michigan. There it goes through forming and another proprietary heat treating process that results in the tough, durable cable Spartan is known for. Each cable is tested for strength and durability, then wound and shipped to our customers.

Independent, third party testing

Third party testing of our cable against several of our competitors' cable has proven our cable to be the standout in the field. Spartan cable reached max torque more quickly than the competition. It was also tested for fatigue and found to outperform other's cable. In this test, cable was stressed to the break point, then unwound for each cycle. The test was stopped at 1281 cycles when the Spartan cable had not failed, while other cables failed in 0-7 cycles.

Cable in the process of being made

Close up of a screw being made

Genuine Spartan cable

Spartan offers three types of cable: inner core, no core, and Magnum®. Our inner core cable has opposite-wound wire within the cable which quickens torque. Inner core clears drains faster, and is only slightly less flexible than no core cable.

Spartan Tool Inner Core Cable

Our no core cable has a hollow opening inside the cable, giving you the flexibility to maneuver through small diameter traps. It weighs less than inner core and is typically for the smallest lines.

Spartan Tool Inner Core Cable

Spartan's Magnum® cable is double wound using simultaneously fed and formed wire. It is 25% lighter than standard cables and has 33% quicker torqueing than no core cable.

Magnum® is the strongest, most dependable cable on the market, perfect for tough applications including that impacted root intrusion you’re facing.

Spartan Tool Cable

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