June 2016 Pro of the Month: Ryan Larrimore

Posted by Spartan Tool on Jun 01, 2016

Spartan Tool takes pride in the many businesses with whom we’ve had the pleasure of working since we opened our doors in 1943. We are honored to support plumbers and drain cleaners with our finely-crafted, professional grade equipment.

Join us every month as we highlight customers who have become part of our Spartan Tool family in our Pro of the Month Series.

Ryan Larrimore understands that most families don’t have the extra cash to pay for emergency drain cleaning services. They may have some savings built up for a new car or family vacation, but few are ready to handle a last-minute plumbing emergency!

Ryan Larrimore

Knowing this and recognizing a need for a solution, Ryan launched Express Drains in 2010. Ryan’s approach to customer satisfaction is straightforward – respond quickly and professionally to customers, resolve the customer’s drain problem as efficiently as possible, and charge a fair, but affordable price for his services. Just as the name implies, Express Drains built its business on providing highly responsive, reliable drain cleaning services to residential customers. Over the years, this insight has resulted in steady growth and expansion.

Today, Express Drains is one of the fastest-growing service businesses in the Philadelphia market. In 2015, the company serviced over 9,100 clogged drains and reached the $1 million mark in revenue. Express Drains operates seven service vans that support its growing base of residential customers in the Greater Philadelphia Area.

What is Express Drains doing to build its business? Sticking to a clear customer service mission and always fulfilling their promises.

“What most residential customers really want,” Ryan says, “is an honest, ethical company who will get the job done quickly and at a reasonable cost. The average homeowner cannot justify the cost of high-pressure jetting services, partly because they don’t understand the advantages of high-pressure water jetting versus a cable machine, but mostly because the family budget simply won’t permit it.”

Express Drains relies on Spartan Tool cable machines and every service van is equipped with the Model 2001, the Model 100, and the Model 81. The equipment lineup gives Express Drains the flexibility to clean a wide range of pipe sizes and lengths that cover the vast majority of drains they service.

Ryan says it takes about six months of on-the-job training to get a new employee up to speed on his machines. “Drain cleaning is an art form,” says Ryan, who believes a willingness to learn is the most important trait a new employee must have in order to succeed.

Ryan knows his greatest strategy for effective local marketing is taking care of his current customers. Customer referrals are a key part of Ryan’s marketing strategy. Social media is a great resource for sharing positive customer experiences. Express Drains has earned a five-star rating on Yelp, and the very positive comments from customers reflect their approach to business.

Please join us in celebrating Ryan Larrimore of Express Drains and congratulate him on his growing success.

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