November 2017 Pro of the Month: Justin Connally

Posted by Spartan Tool on Nov 13, 2017

Spartan Tool takes pride in the many businesses with whom we’ve had the pleasure of working since we opened our doors in 1943. We are honored to support plumbers and drain cleaners with our finely-crafted, professional grade equipment.

Join us every month as we highlight customers who have become part of our Spartan Tool family in our Pro of the Month Series.

“Work hard, treat your customers well, and don’t quit.”

That is the solid advice that Justin Connally of Connally Plumbing in the New Braunfels, TX area would give to anyone starting out in the industry. Justin has been in the plumbing industry for 16 years, starting as an apprentice at age 20 and quickly gaining skill and experience. He got his journeyman’s license when he was 24, his Master license at 27, and then became the co-owner of a plumbing company. Four years ago he decided to start Connally Plumbing with just his wife for help.

Justin Connally

Connally Plumbing

Justin started with one service truck and he covered all the calls himself. Today he has built his business to four service trucks and 11 employees. Among those employees are a full-time operations manager who oversees all inventory, a full-time maintenance manager to make sure all the service trucks and equipment are running smoothly, and a full-time service manager who oversees all the plumbers and apprentices on staff.

As President and owner, Justin makes sure to instill in his staff the importance of the golden rule; Treat customers the way you would want to be treated. Justin believes this commitment to customer service is what makes Connally Plumbing stand out amongst his competitors. “We provide the best customer service and care that we can. We are always willing to stand behind our work.”

Connally Plumbing’s list of Spartan equipment reads like Santa’s gift list: four Model 81s, four Model 100s, three Model 300s, a Model 1065, a Soldier jetter, two Spartan locators, two Spartan cameras, and a Model 717, plus Spartan cable and accessories. Justin depends on Spartan equipment because “I’ve tried other brands. Spartan is by far the best in reliability and cleanliness. They’re just solid. And the service is great.” Justin says his Soldier jetter is particularly useful for his customers in neighborhoods with private sewer mains. Without the jetter, they would not have been able to reach the clog and clear it.

Justin also gives kudos to his Spartan Territory Manager, Pete Petkoff. “Pete is a good guy. He works hard and makes sure we get taken care of when we need him.”

Connally Plumbing branded Spartan Trailer

The future looks bright for Connally Plumbing. They have grown quickly in the past four years, and plan to continue to grow. Justin is adamant, however, that they never want to grow to the point where they forget that service to the customer is the driving force of the company. Justin says the plan is to continue doing “the best job we can so that we maintain a high customer service rating, and take care of our customers. Without them, we wouldn’t be in business.”

We are glad that Spartan Tool can help you deliver efficient, high-quality customer care, Justin. Congratulations on your growth, and we look forward to many more years of your successful customer service!

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