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Posted by Spartan Tool on May 29, 2019

Cam Howie knew the dangers of manhole entry from his years as a firefighter-paramedic. With over 20 years in the fire service, Cam says, “I developed the MPR100 out of the fundamental need to be able to quickly and safely get in and out of a manhole. It just so happens that there are many more benefits with this product.”

We at Spartan Tool know the dangers of operating in and around manholes. Not only do you need to protect your employees and bystanders, you want to keep your valuable equipment from being damaged. That’s why we’re proud to offer the H2TR Manhole Protection Ring. H2 Technical Rescue Equipment, LLC is a family-owned and operated business based in East Lansing, Michigan.

Guy Using Drain Protection Ring

Guy Showing Drain Protection Ring

The Manhole Protection Ring (MPR) was created by Cam Howie in an effort to improve the confined space rescue aspect of firefighting. After years of improvising ways to cover the edges of manholes during confined space rescue calls, Cam designed an efficient way to safely move rescue personnel and equipment through manhole openings. The MPR is now successfully being deployed by confined space rescue teams, municipal sewer and water departments, and private industry professionals throughout the United States and Canada.

The MPR100 is designed to fit the industry standard 24” manhole opening, but will also reasonably accommodate up to a 26” opening. The inside opening is 21.5”. It’s produced using high quality ABS 3/16” plastic, which is durable and withstands extreme temperatures. The highly-visible safety orange helps identify the site and open manhole, serving as a visual cue to everyone in the vicinity to be aware. It features UV protection which reduces product fading due to exposure, so your MPR100 will retain its bright color longer.

Unlike a top-edge roller, the MPR100 provides a full 360 degrees of edge protection for sewer inspection cameras and jetting hoses. A top-edge roller has a tendency to allow the cable to slip off, which halts operations. That isn’t a problem when you put the MPR100 to use. It also leaves the manhole open, allowing accessibility and visibility, unlike the top-edge roller which obstructs the opening and restricts access.

The MPR100 was designed with a top flange which helps eliminate objects and equipment from slipping into the manhole. The additional interior 3.5-inch flange holds back debris and any loose infrastructure from falling into the manhole, possibly harming personnel or damaging equipment. The smooth ABS plastic also helps to eliminate cuts and bruises to personnel entering and exiting the manhole.

“The MPR100 has paid for itself every time I’ve used it. High visibility in our industry is key… It is durable, easy to clean and saves me money!” - Eric Beckman, Technical Operations Manager/Sales at Valley City Environmental Services

“The MPR100 saves time with equipment setup. It protects equipment against undue wear and tear, and protects workers from the rough edges, debris and elements that build up around a manhole over time. The MPR100 is a MUST in the industry.” – Barney Kimbel, Dept. of Public Works, City of East Lansing

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