Safety Supplies for Your Fleet

Posted by Spartan Tool on Aug 22, 2019

Now that we’ve covered PPE to protect your body, what safety equipment should be kept in your work truck, van, or fleet? Different types of jobs and locations will have different needs. Below are some basic suggestions to get you started.

First aid kit

OSHA recommends giving one person the responsibility for choosing the types and amounts of first-aid supplies and for maintaining them. Your first aid supplies should cover the types of injuries that can occur on the job and should be stored in a place that’s easily accessible in emergency situations. You can consult with the local fire and rescue service or emergency medical professionals for advice on your first aid needs.

Antibacterial soap

Antibacterial soap or hand wash is a must-have on every sewer and drain cleaning van. Use it to wash your hands and arms thoroughly after every drain cleaning job to protect yourself from illness and disease.

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Safety Vests

High-visibility safety vests may not be needed for most residential or commercial jobs, but they’ll come in handy when you operate on or near roadways. They’re also necessary in situations where high visibility is needed, such as on construction sites or while using high-powered jetting equipment.


Sewer and drain cleaning equipment is noisy, and there are times you may be working on a loud work site or around heavy machinery. Protect your hearing with earplugs when necessary.

Bluetooth or hands-free options for mobile devices and GPS

While having Bluetooth and hands-free options is more safe, the National Safety Council estimates that 25% of all crashes can be attributed to cell phone use, hands-free or otherwise. Be vigilant when mobile devices are present in your vehicle.

Dashcam or Vehicle Monitoring System

Dashcams can serve several purposes in protecting your fleet: protection in case of an accident, eliminating fraud attempts, keeping your drivers accountable, and possibly reducing insurance premiums. Similarly, in-vehicle monitoring systems (IVMS) consist of electronic devices installed in a vehicle to monitor driver activities. They can help identify issues like speeding, dangerous driving, and more.

Preparation is key. Only you know the types of hazards you and your team will face on the job. Keeping everyone safe means thinking through those hazards and having the right supplies on hand to protect or treat them.

What safety supplies do you make sure to always keep in your work truck?

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