September 2016 Pro of the Month: Paul Anderson

Posted by Spartan Tool on Sep 22, 2016

Spartan Tool takes pride in the many businesses with whom we’ve had the pleasure of working since we opened our doors in 1943. We are honored to support plumbers and drain cleaners with our finely-crafted, professional grade equipment.

Join us every month as we highlight customers who have become part of our Spartan Tool family in our Pro of the Month Series.

“My goal is to clean your drains – not your wallet – with quality work and fair, reasonable pricing.” That is the quote at the top of Paul’s website for his company. And it is a philosophy he lives by every day.

Paul Anderson Drain Cleaning Crew

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When he first started in the industry (after a stint as a forklift operator and a donut baker), he worked for one company for seven years and another company for 18 years. But Paul thought he had a better way to run a business, so six years ago he started his own company, Paul Anderson Drain Cleaning. In those 6 years, he has gone from one van to four service vans, a pump truck, a vactor truck, and two tow-behind jets. He has 8 people on his team, and he recently bought the building that houses the company. Paul also has lots of equipment to help on the various jobs they encounter, including Spartan’s Warrior, Soldier, Model 81, Model 100 and Model 300’s. Additionally, each of his eight vans are equipped with the Sparvision 200 sewer camera system.

The Sparvision 200 helped Paul and his team with one of their most memorable jobs. They were called to Briarcliff Manor, a business they regularly serviced to keep the water flowing. A kitten had gotten into a drain, and no one could get it out. In fact, they couldn’t even tell where the kitten was! Paul and his team arrived on the scene, and used their Sparvision 200 to locate the stuck kitten. Once they had pinpointed the kitten’s location, they were able to dig down 3 feet at the exact spot, cut out a small section of pipe, and rescue the kitten without a scratch on the kitten! His team fixed the pipe, filled the hole, and were the heroes of the day for everyone at Briarcliff Manor.

We asked Paul what it is about Spartan Tool that keeps him a satisfied customer. He explained that it is the customer serve he receives from Spartan and from his local Territory Manager, Pete Romprey. “Spartan has the best service in the industry,” they’re the only ones “who come to my door.” He told us about a time when he was having a problem with the first jet he bought from Spartan. “Spartan sent someone from the factory where the jet was built to look at it. He and Pete worked on it and had it fixed the same day.”

Paul Anderson Drain Cleaning Crew

Paul says he is a stickler for customer service. He personally trains each employee and they only get their own truck to go on jobs when he would feel comfortable sending them to his mom or grandma’s house to do a job. He is, after all, in the customer service business. He makes sure his team provides outstanding customer service so that customers will call them again when another problem arises, and will refer Paul and his team to their friends when they need drain cleaning services. But he can only be as good as the people who supply his equipment. He doesn’t like having to tell a customer they have to wait a week or two, and he knows that with Spartan equipment he won’t have to do that. He likes working with Pete, his Territory Manager, because Pete has been in the drain cleaning business himself and knows what is going on. Pete has done the work and knows what Paul needs.

Paul is looking to expand his business in the future, and is always looking for quality help who share his philosophy that “Honesty is the best policy. Have integrity, and don’t gouge. That’s why we’re the best you’ll find throughout Rhode Island and Massachusetts.”

Please join us in congratulating Paul and his team on all they have done, and always giving the customer outstanding service!

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