August 2016 Pro of the Month: Jason Piechura

Posted by Spartan Tool on Aug 18, 2016

Spartan Tool takes pride in the many businesses with whom we’ve had the pleasure of working since we opened our doors in 1943. We are honored to support plumbers and drain cleaners with our finely-crafted, professional grade equipment.

Join us every month as we highlight customers who have become part of our Spartan Tool family in our Pro of the Month Series.

Jason Piechura doesn’t want the most customers, he wants the happiest customers.

He runs his two-man shop with that mentality and works to provide the best service possible at each and every job. He works with an apprentice and himself on every call and believes in giving quality service at a good rate.

Jason has been in the industry for over 25 years and has owned his own business for 15. He took over Chapman Plumbing in 2011 when his then boss and founder of the business, George Chapman, retired and George offered Jason the chance to buy the company. Both George and Jason were committed to high-quality customer service and wanted to keep the same level of quality during the “changing of the guard.”

Jason Piechura

Since buying the company, Jason has focused on maintaining the same dedicated, affordable, high-quality service that Chapman Plumbing is known for. He has chosen to keep his shop small so that customers know who is on the phone when they call and who will be at their door to do the job. He is considering adding a second truck, but doesn’t see the shop getting much bigger than that. He previously managed a large team of techs at a company he worked for before joining Chapman and doesn’t desire that size team for his own company.

With his smart management, oversight, and involvement, Jason knows that he can count on his customers for referrals. Part of his dedication to high-quality service includes thoroughly explaining the job to homeowners so they can better understand the issues, and giving them expert advice on how to avoid problems down the line. And Jason is successful; over 40% of his business comes from word-of-mouth from happy customers, like the one in this commercial (click on the picture to see the video):

Jason also credits his Spartan Tool equipment to his success. He uses Spartan Tool for all of his drain cleaning needs. Jason says, “They’re low maintenance, tough, and reliable. If you do have an issue they’re easy to fix.” Plus he always has Matt Hitchman, his Territory Manager, to turn to in a pinch and says Matt is always there to take care of any problems.

When Jason took over the company, one of his first orders of business was to update the existing equipment with Spartan Tool machines. He knew he needed reliable tools in order to ensure the level of quality he wanted for his customers.

He recently added the Sparvision 200 camera to his collection and his business has nearly doubled. The first call he got after getting the Sparvision was particularly tough. What should have been a simple sewer check-up with the camera turned into a four-hour hour job. It ended with enough roots and “flushable” wipes to fill a five pound bucket! But once Jason was done with the cleaning, the camera showed him and the customer that the sewer was in good shape.

Jason’s final advice to those running their own shop is to start with Spartan Tool. When he had to buy his new drain cleaning equipment, Spartan was his obvious choice. The buying was simple and the equipment was there in a few days.

His Spartan equipment has survived rollovers, rough jobs, and so much more; he says it’s been the best business decision he’s made. He’ll tell everyone “You can’t go wrong with Spartan Tool.”

Thank you, Jason! We’re honored and couldn’t do it without you!

Please join us in celebrating Jason Piechura of Chapman Plumbing and his admirable success!

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