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Posted by Spartan Tool on Sep 28, 2018

This post features testimonials from customers of Territory Manager Jason Robey.

Did you know the Model 100 drum can also be used on the Model 300 machine? With the Model 100 drum, you can clean lines down to 1.25” in diameter. You can get the Model 100 drum and adapter kit that allows you to remove the Model 300 drum from the power feed, install the Model 100 drum, and use cable that is too small for a regular Model 300 drum. It’s like getting two machines in one! Here’s what some of our customers had to say about this versatility:

Guy using Spartan Tool Model 300

My name is Jesse I'm the owner/operator of EPIC Plumbing LLC. I've been running Spartans my entire career; the 1065, 2001, and the 100 machine, so it wasn't a difficult decision to purchase a 300 machine. There were multiple reasons for this purchase. 1) The Model 300 is smaller and more light weight, but don't let that fool you. It has plenty of power for both the commercial and residential service world. 2) This machine gives you the option of switching out the drum to a 100 drum with a 13/32nd cable, and it has enough power and torque to run the 100ft 13/32nds. The machine is very easy to switch over. 3) Is it really convenient because I no longer have to carry around two different machines.
Good thinking Spartan, and thanks for building a machine for the everyday service guy.


EPIC Plumbing

The Spartan 300 has transformed my drain cleaning division. It is versatile with the ability to run my small cable for sink lines and big cable for sewer lines on the same frame. I went from 2 machines to 1 machine with the ease of just switching a drum and installing an easy-to-use adapter. Thanks, Spartan.

Joshua Morstatter
Above and Beyond Plumbing LLC.

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