To clear out those nasty clogs that just won't go away, check out Spartan Tool's selection of drain cable cutter heads. These sharp sewer cable attachments are applied to cables to cut down pesky roots in pipes and sewer lines, as well as other tough blockages. We offer sewer cable cutters in an assortment of styles and sizes to accommodate your specific plumbing needs. Find the right cutter head for your cable machine below.

  • Spartan Blade, 4-6 Adjustable Cutter - 44303700

    Spartan Tool 4"-6" Adjustable Blade Cutter - 44303700

    If you need something up to the task of cutting through the toughest of sewer roots, the Blade, 4-6 Adjustable Cutter from Spartan Tool is the tool for you! Easily able to adjust to whatever you may need, nothing gets past this pristine piece of...


    SKU: 44303700

  • Spartan 6" 3-Blade Cutters - 02870300

    Spartan Tool 6" 3-Blade Cutter - 02870300

    Are large roots invading the sewers? Do you need a way to get rid of them fast and easy? Spartan Tool is here to help with the 6" 3-Blade Cutters! Attach to the Spartan Model 2001, 1065, and 300 to get rid of sewer roots in almost no time at all! Spartan...


    SKU: 2870300

  • Spartan 6" U Blade - 02813500

    Spartan Tool 6" U Blade - 02813500

    Need a blade that can get some serious jobs sewer jobs done? Got roots that need that extra bit of cutting power? The 6" U Blade from Spartan Tool paired with the Model 2001, 1065, and 300 makes for a formiddable foe that no root can withstand! Spartan...


    SKU: 2813500

  • Spartan 4" Half Blade - 02790901

    Spartan Tool 4" Half Blade - 02790901

    Need the right blade for taking on a root removal job in the sewer? Look no further than the 4" Half Blade made by Spartan Tool! When attached to the Model 2001, 1065, and 300, nothing will stand a chance! Spartan 4" Half Blade - 02790901 Quick...


    SKU: 2790901

  • Spartan 4" U Blade - 02790900

    Spartan Tool 4" U Blade - 02790900

    Roots in the sewer can be a complete nightmare for anyone involved. Luckily, the 4" U Blade is more than up to the task of handling them, especially when paired with the Spartan Model 2001, 1065, and 300. Spartan 4" U Blade - 02790900 Quick...


    SKU: 2790900

  • Spartan 4" 3 Blade Cutter - 02791800

    Spartan Tool 4" 3-Blade Cutter - 02791800

    If some roots have grown into a sewer that you need to clear out, then you need the best tools you can find. With the Spartan 4" 3 Blade Cutter, you get exactly that when paired with the Model 2001, 1065, and 300. Spartan 4" 3 Blade Cutter - 02791800...


    SKU: 2791800

  • 4" Grease Blade - 03416700

    Spartan Tool 4" Grease Blade - 03416700

    Got an extra tough customer of a root job in a sewer line? The hard steel 4" Grease Blade from Spartan Tool is everything you need to tackle even the most difficult of roots you may find. Works best with Spartan Model 2001, 1065, and 300. 4" Grease Blade...


    SKU: 3416700

  • Spartan 3-1/2" Saw Blade - 02798700

    Spartan Tool 3-1/2" Saw Blade - 02798700

    Has a sewer line gotten all backed up because of some unwelcome roots that have made themselves at home? To get the job done, you will need the Spartan 3-1/2" Saw Blade to give you that extra edge. Pair with the Spartan Model 1065 and Model 2001. 3-1/2"...


    SKU: 2798700

  • Spartan 3/4" Blade - 02867200

    Spartan Tool 3/4" Blade - 02867200

    Are you trying to get rid of some tricky roots out of a sewer line? Need some extra edge on the job? The 3/4" Blade from Spartan Tool will help you get the job done in a jiffy when attached to your Spartan Model 100 (5/16" Drum), the Model 81, and Model...


    SKU: 2867200

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