Sometimes unclogging a drain can be fairly quick and simple, especially when the pipe is small and you have a powerful cable machine to help. However, many pipes are complex and require a thorough inspection to accurately diagnose the blockage. If you're a professional plumber, you will benefit from having a Spartan sewer camera in your arsenal. Our top-of-the-line sewer camera systems can navigate through a plethora of pipes and provide you with crystal clear video to pinpoint the exact location and size of the clog. Additionally, Spartan sewer cameras are equipped with an innovative control box that features a vivid LCD display and waterproof keypad. You won't see a better selection of inspection camera systems anywhere. Find the best Spartan sewer camera for sale below and order today.

  • Spartan Tool Traveler Lite Inspection Camera - 64500000 Left

    Spartan Tool Self-Leveling Traveler Lite Inspection Camera, 64500001

    The Spartan Tool Self-Leveling Traveler Lite Inspection Camera, 64500001, is a pioneering solution for the meticulous examination of sewer systems. Designed to cater to the specific needs of technical professionals, this camera system is engineered for...


    SKU: 64500001

  • Spartan Tool Sentinel2 Camera - SENTINELHD

    Spartan Tool Sentinel Inspection Camera, SENTINELHD

    Introducing the Spartan Tool Sentinel Inspection Camera (Model: SENTINELHD), a state-of-the-art diagnostic tool designed for precise inspection and location of obstructions within 2" to 4" pipe lines. This robust system combines advanced technology with...



  • Spartan Explorer M130 Video Inspection System - 6405M130

    Spartan Tool Explorer M130 Video Inspection System, 6405M130

    Inspection camera that is quickly adaptable to any environment. Some times when you are trying to solve a problem of a backed up line or any number of other things, just feeling your way around is not enough to figure out what is going on. During times...


    SKU: 6405M130

  • Explorer L130 Video Inspection System - 6405L130

    Spartan Tool Explorer L130 Video Inspection System, 6405L130

    Durability and reach from an inspection camera that gives you the best look. When things are getting frustrating with a line cleaning job, having a real look at what you are actually dealing with using sewer video inspection equipment is an incredibly...


    SKU: 6405L130

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    Spartan Explorer Trapjumper - 6405TRAPK

    Spartan Tool Explorer Trapjumper, 6405TRAPK

    The strength and flexibility needed to go beyond the bend. At Spartan Tool, we know navigating a house trap can be difficult, so that's why we've engineered the Spartan Tool Explorer TrapJumper to make your life easier. The TrapJumper is a lightweight...


    SKU: 6405TRAPK

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    Explorer L200 Video Inspection System - 6405L200

    Spartan Tool Explorer L200 Video Inspection System, 6405L200

    Quickly adaptable to any environment. Getting a good look at what you are up against through sewer video inspection equipment is a key part of finding out what needs to be done when doing a line cleaning job. The Spartan Explorer L200 Video Inspection...


    SKU: 6405L200

  • Spartan Explorer L330 Video Inspection System - 6405L330

    Spartan Tool Explorer L330 Video Inspection System, 6405L330

    An eye where you need it! Get the inspection camera for you! Feeling around can often get the job done, but there come times when an extra eye from sewer video inspection equipment is really helpful. When you need to have an up close look at what is down...


    SKU: 6405L330

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