Explore your financing options with our Profit and Payback Calculator that is located on every major equipment page, near the price information. The calculator is very easy to use and will help you evaluate the feasibility of your intended purchase.

This calculator will help you determine the following:


Your monthly payment for the amount financed.


How many jobs will it take for the equipment purchase to pay for itself (break-even)?


What are my costs or expenses for each drain cleaning job involving the Spartan equipment I want to buy?

How to use the Profit and Payback Calculator:

Use the button below to try an example with the Spartan Model 738 jetter in the calculator. You put $2,000 as a down-payment on the equipment, leaving $7,995 as the loan amount.

Plug-in the remaining numbers to calculate your monthly payment. Finally, determine how much you will charge for each service call, and the cost per job. The calculator will figure the minimum number of service jobs you need each month to cover your payment. In this example, the business owner needs a minimum of three jobs involving the Model 738 to "break even" on the monthly payment.

The Profit Calculator provides you with insight before you sign a financing agreement. Can you manage to routinely generate three service jobs for your Spartan Model 738 hydro-jetter? Only the small business owner knows their customers and market.

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