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Spartan Tool Model 1065 PM Motor Retrofit Kit, 44291700

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Kit,1065 Pm Motor Retrofit - 44291700

Spartan Tool Model 1065 PM Motor Retrofit Kit, 44291700


The Spartan Tool Model 1065 PM Motor Retrofit Kit (44291700) is an essential upgrade for professionals in the sewer drain cleaning industry. Designed to enhance the performance and longevity of your existing Spartan Model 1065, this retrofit kit features a state-of-the-art permanent magnet (PM) motor. With its superior efficiency and reliability, this motor retrofit kit ensures your equipment operates at peak performance, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

Key Features:

  • High-Efficiency PM Motor: Upgrades your Model 1065 with a powerful and energy-efficient permanent magnet motor.
  • Enhanced Performance: Delivers consistent power output for demanding drain cleaning tasks.
  • Durable Construction: Built with high-quality materials to withstand the rigors of professional use.
  • Easy Installation: Includes all necessary components and detailed instructions for a seamless retrofit process.
  • Reduced Maintenance: The advanced motor design reduces wear and tear, extending the life of your equipment.

Package Contents:

  • Spartan Tool Model 1065 PM Motor (44291700)


Upgrade your Spartan Model 1065 with the Spartan Tool Model 1065 PM Motor Retrofit Kit to experience enhanced efficiency and performance. This retrofit kit is designed to meet the high demands of the sewer drain cleaning industry, ensuring your equipment remains reliable and effective. With Spartan Tool's commitment to quality and innovation, you can trust that this upgrade will keep your machine running smoothly for years to come.

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