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Spartan Tool Revolution M3, 3551031220ST

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Spartan Revolution M3 - 3551031220ST

Spartan Tool Revolution M3, 3551031220ST


The Spartan Tool Revolution M3 is a powerful and versatile sewer and drain cleaning machine, specifically designed for professionals in the industry. Engineered to deliver exceptional performance, the Revolution M3 combines robust construction with advanced features to efficiently tackle the toughest clogs and pipe cleaning tasks. Whether you are cleaning or coating pipes, this machine ensures reliability and precision.

Key Features

  • High-Powered Motor: Operates at 15 amp / 110V with a 3-prong plug, providing consistent power for demanding tasks.
  • Variable Speed Control: Offers an RPM range of 500 to 1500, allowing for precise control and efficient cleaning.
  • Durable Cable: Includes a 1/2" diameter cable, 65 ft in length, with an additional 50 ft extension option for enhanced reach.
  • Robust Construction: Features a thick casing designed to withstand heavy-duty use and harsh environments.
  • Versatile Applications: Suitable for cleaning pipes ranging from 3" to 6" and coating pipes from 3" to 8".
  • Portability: Weighing 151 lbs, the machine is designed for easy transport and maneuverability on job sites.

Package Contents

  • Spartan Tool Revolution M3 (3551031220ST)


The Spartan Tool Revolution M3 stands out in the market for its power, versatility, and durability. Its advanced features, such as variable speed control and a high-powered motor, make it an excellent choice for professionals handling complex sewer and drain cleaning tasks. With the capability to handle a wide range of pipe sizes and applications, the Revolution M3 is an essential tool for ensuring efficient and effective cleaning and coating.

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