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Spartan Tool 8" x 2.50" Rubber Wheel, 02897800

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Rubber Tired Wheel 8 X 2.50 - 02897800

Spartan Tool 8" x 2.50" Rubber Wheel, 02897800


Enhance the mobility and durability of your sewer cleaning equipment with the Spartan Tool 8" x 2.50" Rubber Wheel. This premium wheel is designed specifically for rugged environments typical in the sewer drain cleaning industry, offering unmatched durability and ease of maneuverability. Ideal for service professionals, this wheel combines high-quality materials with Spartan Tool's industry-leading engineering to ensure optimal performance and reliability.

Key Features

  • Robust Rubber Composition: Crafted from high-grade rubber to withstand tough, abrasive surfaces without compromise.
  • Enhanced Mobility: Features a smooth roll design to enhance maneuverability across uneven and challenging terrains.
  • Load Support: Capable of supporting heavy loads without deformation, maintaining stability and balance.
  • Weather Resistant: Engineered to resist weathering, corrosion, and cracking, extending the lifecycle of the wheel under rigorous use.
  • Compatibility: Specifically designed to fit a wide range of Spartan Tool machinery, ensuring a perfect fit and easy installation.

Package Contents

  • 1 x Spartan Tool 8" x 2.50" Rubber Wheel


The Spartan Tool 8" x 2.50" Rubber Wheel is a crucial component for professionals requiring reliable and sturdy wheels that can handle the demands of sewer drain cleaning. By choosing this Spartan Tool product, you are investing in durability and efficiency, ensuring that your equipment performs at its best when it matters most.

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