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Spartan Tool 10pcs 3.3" Front Plastic Panel, 1220210085

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Spartan Tool Front Plastic Panel, 3.3" Pkg - 1220210085

Spartan Tool 10pcs 3.3" Front Plastic Panel, 1220210085


The Spartan Tool 10pcs 3.3" Front Plastic Panel (1220210085) is expertly crafted to provide unmatched protection for sewer and drain cleaning equipment. These panels are specifically designed to shield the vital components of smaller machinery, ensuring that each piece operates optimally in harsh, corrosive environments. As part of Spartan Tool's commitment to excellence, these front plastic panels represent a crucial investment for professionals seeking longevity and efficiency in their equipment.

Key Features:

  • Custom Fit for 3.3" Equipment: Tailored to snugly fit 3.3-inch machinery, ensuring comprehensive protection without compromising functionality.
  • Superior Material Quality: Constructed from high-grade plastic that offers outstanding resistance to impacts, chemicals, and abrasion.
  • Packaged for Convenience: Sold in packs of 10, allowing for immediate replacements to maintain equipment in peak condition.
  • Simplified Maintenance: Panels are easy to install and remove, facilitating quick cleaning and routine upkeep.
  • Lightweight Design: Adds minimal weight to equipment, maintaining ease of use and maneuverability.

Package Contents:

  • 10 x Spartan Tool 3.3" Front Plastic Panels


Spartan Tool's 10pcs 3.3" Front Plastic Panel set is a definitive solution for professionals needing reliable equipment protection for demanding sewer maintenance jobs. These panels not only safeguard against physical damage but also enhance the operational lifespan of your tools, making them a smart, cost-effective choice for serious professionals.

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