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Spartan Tool 3" Grease Blade, 03416600

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Spartan 3" Grease Blade - 03416600

Spartan Tool 3" Grease Blade, 03416600


The Spartan Tool 3" Grease Blade is an essential tool designed for cutting through tough grease and root blockages in sewer lines. This robust blade is engineered to work seamlessly with Spartan models 2001, 1065, and 300, ensuring high performance in even the most challenging conditions. Made from hardened steel, the 3" Grease Blade is ideal for professionals seeking a reliable solution to quickly and effectively clear clogged pipes, enhancing service efficiency and minimizing downtime.

Key Features:

  • Durable Material: Constructed from hardened steel for superior strength and longevity, capable of cutting through the toughest grease and roots.
  • Optimal Size for Efficiency: The 3-inch width of the blade allows for broad contact with blockages, ensuring comprehensive cutting with each pass.
  • Perfect Compatibility: Specifically tailored to fit Spartan models 2001, 1065, and 300, guaranteeing flawless operation and integration.
  • Designed for Tough Jobs: Engineered to tackle dense grease and root intrusions, making it an invaluable tool for maintenance and emergency responses.
  • Easy Installation and Use: Simple to attach and detach, this blade allows for quick setup and replacement, keeping your operations running smoothly.

Package Contents:

  • 1 x Spartan Tool 3" Grease Blade


The Spartan 3" Grease Blade stands out as a vital component in the arsenal of any drain cleaning professional. It is specially designed to tackle the most stubborn blockages with ease and reliability. This blade not only enhances the functionality of Spartan drain cleaning machines but also promotes operational efficiency, making it a top choice for professionals dedicated to maintaining clear and functional plumbing systems.

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