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Spartan Tool Bridge Pin, 82002240

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Spartan Tool Bridge Pin - 82002240

Spartan Tool Bridge Pin, 82002240


The Spartan Tool Bridge Pin (82002240) is an integral component designed to reinforce the structural integrity of various sewer maintenance equipment. Meticulously engineered for durability and precision, this pin is essential for securing connections within your tools, ensuring they function seamlessly during intensive use. Emphasizing Spartan Tool’s commitment to reliability and quality, the Bridge Pin is crafted to support the rigorous demands of sewer system repair and maintenance tasks, making it a must-have for professionals in the field.

Key Features:

  • High-Strength Material: Constructed from premium-grade steel to ensure maximum durability and resistance to wear and stress.
  • Precision Fit: Specifically designed to ensure a secure fit within Spartan Tool equipment, preventing slippage and misalignment.
  • Corrosion Resistant: Treated with a protective finish to withstand harsh conditions and prevent rust, extending the lifespan of the pin and associated equipment.
  • Versatile Use: Compatible with a wide range of Spartan Tool models, enhancing its utility across multiple tools.
  • Essential for Maintenance: Crucial for maintaining the performance and reliability of your sewer maintenance equipment.

Package Contents:

  • 1 x Spartan Tool Bridge Pin (82002240)


The Spartan Tool Bridge Pin exemplifies Spartan Tool’s leadership in providing robust, reliable components that enhance and extend the operational capabilities of sewer maintenance tools. Its superior design and construction make it an indispensable part of your tool kit, ensuring that your equipment remains in top working condition, project after project.

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