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Spartan Tool Cadet Angle Stop Adapter Kit - 70700610

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Spartan Tool Cadet Stop Angle Adapter Kit - 70700610

Spartan Tool Cadet Angle Stop Adapter Kit - 70700610


The Spartan Tool Cadet Angle Stop Adapter Kit (70700610) is engineered to provide flexibility in operating your existing Spartan Tool Cadet Portable Jetter. This adapter kit is designed for industry professionals who desire the flexibility to operate the Cadet Portable Jetter without connecting to a garden hose water supply and routing the supply hose from outdoors through a building. By using the Angle Stop Adapter Kit, you can now connect to the Angle Stop Water Supply of a sink (bathroom, kitchen, dishwasher, etc.) to clear out the blockage in the line - no more worry of getting your customers' living room carpet dirty with a supply hose!

Key Features:

  • Compatibility with Indoor Residential Water Supplies - Allows the Cadet Portable Jetter to run off of indoor 3/8" water supplies (e.g. Bathroom sink, kitchen sink, dishwasher)
  • Easy Use with Existing Fittings - No need to cobble together your own adapters, we provide everything you need to adapt to the existing Cadet
  • Same Performance as Garden Hose Water Supply - provides all the water needed to reach maximum jetting performance

Package Contents:

  • Water Connector Hose - 3/8 FIP X 3/8 FIP, 6ft long stainless steel braided hose that connects to the typical angle stop on internal residential water supplies
  • Swivel Connector Elbow - 3/8 MIP X ¾ FHT, brass fitting connecting Water Connector Hose to Garden Hose Adapter
  • Garden Hose Adapter - ¾ GHT X ¾ GHT, brass fitting connecting Swivel Connector Elbow to the Cadet Supply Valve
  • 90 Deg Male to Male Adapter - Offers additional adaptivity in the case of an odd sized Angle Stop
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