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Spartan Tool LightRay LR3 System - 11200021

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Pipe Sizes:
3", 4", or 6" including transitions
Packer Lengths:
5', 10', 20'
Curing Time:
As little as 10 minutes


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Spartan Tool LightRay LR3 System - 11200021

Spartan Tool LightRay LR3 System - 11200021


The LightRay LR3 System is the most advanced UV cast-in-place pipe technology that gives the operator complete control of the curing process. The system allows time and flexibility to install the patch, then cures in as little as 10 minutes when the light is activated. This groundbreaking technology provides an opportunity for business owners to expand their business profitably with a cost-effective, lower-risk, easy-to-install solution for repairing damaged pipes.

LightRay LR3’s patented process eliminates the rush to install. Curing doesn’t start until the UV light is activated, so you have as much time as you need to place and readjust the liner in the pipe. The non-VOC resin is pre-impregnated into the high-performance fiberglass liner and shipped ready to install, so there’s no resin to mix or measure. Once the pipe is prepped, the liner is set in place, and the packer is inflated, curing is initiated by activating the light and is complete in as little as 10 minutes. LR3 can be used as both a pull-in-place and push-in-place spot repair system.


  • Pipe repair diameters: 3", 4", or 6", including transitions
  • Packer lengths: 5', 10', 20'
  • Navigates 45° and 90° bends
  • Curing time: as little as 10 minutes
  • Same-day repair
  • Pipes are back in service when the repair is complete
  • High-performance fiberglass liner comes pre-impregnated with non-VOC resin
  • Cold LED lights run the full length of the packer
  • Reinforced silicone bladders available in multiple sizes
  • Leading edge removable spring guide exposes pull hook
  • Specialized retrieval harness
  • Quick disconnect system for easy packer switching
  • No refrigeration necessary and a 6-month shelf life when stored in a controlled environment between 50 and 70 degrees
  • Standard UV resins are non-VOC (no odor)
  • Exceeds the structural requirements of ASTM F1216
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