Traveler 3.0




The ALL-NEW Traveler 3.0
Video Inspection Camera

The Spartan team knows you need tools you can depend on. That's why we listened to your feedback when we redesigned and engineered the Traveler 3.0 inspection camera to fit your needs. We kept the Traveler shape you know, but completely rebuilt the components to withstand the rigors of the job. Easily swap out reels and camera heads to customize and repair in the field for no lost time. With an improved push rod and upgraded interchangeable camera heads, the Traveler 3.0 will take your sewer inspection to the next level.

Compact and portable
Newly engineered interior components
Stronger, more durable push rod
Interchangeable camera heads
Field repairable for no lost time

Inspection, upgraded

The Traveler 3.0 delivers precision and dependability in a compact, portable footprint.

The new Trap-Eze 3.0

Quickly and easily navigate traps with the new upgraded Trap-Eze reel.

Stronger, More Durable Push Rod

The removeable and replaceable push rod has a thinner profile, yet is much stronger for less kinking and failures.

Upgraded Camera Head

The new camera head delivers higher quality video with 500,000 pixels. Get better visibility inside the pipe with high-intensity LEDs included standard.

Interchangeable Camera Heads

Easily detachable and interchangeable camera heads are highly customizable and available with or without self-leveling and sonde.

New Slipring and Encoder

The stainless steel construction and IP67 water resistance rating deliver superior resistance to rust and chemicals. An improved mounting structure and industry-leading encoder precision and resolution give a longer life and better quality images for your customers.

More Stable Wifi Connection

Go wherever the job takes you with better, more stable wifi connection.

Robust Waterproof Connectors

No detail was spared when we upgraded the Traveler 3.0. We've even upgraded the connectors to be more robust with simple one-touch operation.

Improved Wheels

Stronger, more durable rubber wheels with bearings for smoother, quieter movement.


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