Spartan & Picote Announce the Spartan Revolution

Posted by Spartan Tool on Jun 21, 2019

Niles, MI - Spartan Tool and Picote Solutions are pleased to announce the launch of the Spartan Revolution, a high-speed, flexible shaft drain cleaning machine. Spartan Tool is a leader in the drain cleaning industry and is excited to partner with Picote Solutions, the leader in the high-speed, flexible shaft market. Picote Solutions is a global innovator and manufact …

8 Steps to Stay Healthy in Sewer & Drain Cleaning

Posted by Spartan Tool on Jun 11, 2019

Let’s face it – sewer and drain cleaning is a dirty, nasty business. Every major health concern comes up when you open a drain and start working. Blood borne pathogens, liver-killing infectious agents, microbes, germs, amoebae and viruses can be living and thriving anywhere in a sewer system. But precautions can be taken to minimize and prevent infections, …

10 Commandments for Sewer & Drain Cleaners

Posted by Spartan Tool on Jun 10, 2019

Every profession should have its 10 Commandments; the top 10 rules to live by. Here are our 10 commandments for sewer & drain cleaners. Safety first – ALWAYS! Have the right tools for the job you’re facing. Treat your customers with respect. Know your worth and charge what you’re worth. Take care of your tools – they are your livelihood. …

June 2019 Pro of the Month: David Allen Meyers

Posted by Spartan Tool on Jun 10, 2019

This month, we are featuring David Allen Meyers and Steven David Windham of Greenwize Plumbing in Austin, TX. Greenwize Plumbing has been in business just over three years. Most small businesses struggle in their first years, but Greenwize has seen growth and increased profits every year. David Allen Meyers, Master Plumber and Owner of Greenwize Plumbing, and his righ …

The 7 Major Hazards in Sewer & Drain Cleaning

Posted by Spartan Tool on Jun 06, 2019

There are seven major hazards when cleaning drains and sewers. Any one of these hazards can cause injury or may even result in death. Be aware of all seven hazards while on the job and take every precaution to ensure your safety. Hazard #1 ELECTRICAL SHOCK: Water and electricity is a deadly combination. The use of any electrical equipment could cause fatal shock if th …
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