June 2018 Pro of the Month: Josh Shelton

Posted by Spartan Tool on Jun 12, 2018

Josh Shelton didn’t think he wanted to be a plumber when he was young. His dad opened a plumbing business in 1983, but Josh wasn’t sure he wanted to pursue plumbing as a career. After trying several different career paths and not finding something he loved, he began to appreciate the job security he saw his father enjoy in the plumbing industry. When his f …

May 2018 Pro of the Month: Sam Vigil

Posted by Spartan Tool on May 11, 2018

Mr. Vigil was drafted for the Korean War as a young man. He went to radio school and was sent to Korea for a 2-year tour. He eventually led a platoon and was such a talented radio man that his tour was extended for an additional year. When he returned from Korea in 1953, he got a call from a friend who had served with him, whose dad was in need of a plumber. Mr. Vigil …

January 2018 Pro of the Month: Chris Nicholas

Posted by Spartan Tool on Jan 10, 2018

“Step up. Don’t be afraid to start your own business.” What great advice to all from the Owner/Operator of CN Sewer & Drain, Chris Nicholas. Back in 2011, with 15 years of experience in the sewer/drain cleaning industry under his belt, Chris took this advice. He “stepped up” and opened CN Sewer & Drain in Hays, Kansas. Covering an …

November 2017 Pro of the Month: Justin Connally

Posted by Spartan Tool on Nov 13, 2017

“Work hard, treat your customers well, and don’t quit.” That is the solid advice that Justin Connally of Connally Plumbing in the New Braunfels, TX area would give to anyone starting out in the industry. Justin has been in the plumbing industry for 16 years, starting as an apprentice at age 20 and quickly gaining skill and experience. He got his jour …

August 2017 Pro of the Month: Adam Rimbey

Posted by Spartan Tool on Aug 07, 2017

“I don’t hide behind a company name, I put my last name on the truck for a reason”After speaking with Adam Rimbey for only a few moments one immediately notices the passion for his work radiating from his voice. Adam Rimbey got into the drain cleaning business immediately after finishing his education. When he was just 19 years old, Adam jumped at th …
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