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Spartan Tool Elite Soldier Trailer Jetter - 7584E000


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Spartan Elite Soldier Trailer Jetter - 7584E000

Spartan Tool Elite Soldier Trailer Jetter - 7584E000

A hydro jet drain cleaner that cuts roots and cost.

When you need to clear a line of a major blockage, ranging from grime to roots and more, you need all of the power and versatility that you can get from a drain blaster. This is where the Spartan Elite Soldier Trailer Jetter can shine as a sewer cleaner by following orders and getting the job done in a snap!

The Spartan Elite Soldier Trailer Jetter, offering 4,000 PSI at 10 GPM, is Spartan Tool's newest mid-sized trailer jet machine offering superior performance and value for your investment. This sewer cleaning trailer offers a wide variety of useful features, such as a hose reel pivots 180°, electronic controlled pump pulsation, rear-mounted operator controls, and more!

Form meets function with the new Spartan Elite Soldier, offering a range of available accessories to maximize versatility with this unit. If you are looking for the biggest bang for your buck, the Spartan Elite Soldier Trailer Jetter is for you!


  • Triplex ceramic plunger pump delivers 4,000 PSI at 10 GPM
  • Electronic controlled pump pulsation for maximum cleaning distance
  • Hose reel pivots 180° for easy alignment with the pipe being cleaned
  • Variable-speed power hose rewind
  • 200-gallon water tank with integrated baffles allows unit to be towed while full of water
  • Single-valve full-system winterization with antifreeze recirculation
  • Lockable noise-reducing engine shroud protects unit while in tow
  • Engine shroud easiliy customized with your company's logo or colors
  • Torsion single-axle suspension with electric brakes
  • Electric start engine
  • Rear-mounted operator controls
  • Manhole hose protection
  • Shut-down protection for low water, low engine oil pressure
  • Wash-down gun and lance
  • Hose rewind guide allows operator to insert hose when starting retrieval
  • Locking toolbox
  • Marine-grade battery enclosure
  • Can be filled from hydrants or hose bibs


  • Emergency stop button to manually shut down machine
  • 12" nozzle anti-turn device
  • Bright colored 15-foot leader hose

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