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Spartan Tool Traveler 4.0 Sewer Inspection Camera Tablet, 64620002

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Spartan Tool Traveler 4.0 Sewer Inspection Camera Tablet Ready - 64620002 Side

Spartan Tool Traveler 4.0 Sewer Inspection Camera Tablet, 64620002


Elevate your sewer inspection capabilities with the Spartan Tool Traveler 4.0, a highly advanced sewer inspection camera designed for rigorous use in diverse conditions. This upgraded model combines Spartan Tool’s commitment to durability with cutting-edge technology, offering unparalleled flexibility and clarity to tackle even the toughest blockages and infrastructure issues.

Key Features:

  • Enhanced Flexibility and Durability: Features a more flexible, durable push rod with a removable reel, facilitating swift on-field adjustments and replacements, increasing operational uptime.
  • Upgraded Camera Head with High-Intensity LEDs: Delivers clearer, more detailed visual inspections in low-light conditions, ensuring precise diagnostics even in deep, dark pipes.
  • Customizable Camera Heads: Offers a range of interchangeable camera heads, tailored to various inspection needs, enhancing the camera's versatility and application scope.
  • Robust Electronic Components: Upgraded internal components are engineered to withstand harsh environments, ensuring reliability and longevity while providing superior image resolution and accuracy.
  • Portable and Compact Design: Maintains a light and manageable form factor, making it ideal for varied field conditions and easy transport between job sites.
  • Extended Operational Reach: Comes equipped with a 200-foot push rod, allowing for extended reach in larger piping networks.

Package Contents:

  • Spartan Tool Traveler 4.0 Sewer Inspection Camera Unit
  • Removable Reel with 200' Push Rod
  • 40mm Camera Head with High-Intensity LEDs
  • Charger and Battery Pack
  • User Manual and Quick Start Guide


The Spartan Tool Traveler 4.0 represents a significant advancement in sewer inspection technology. Its enhanced flexibility, improved camera resolution, and robust design make it an essential tool for professionals in sewer maintenance. With its ability to adapt quickly to field conditions and provide detailed, high-quality visuals, the Traveler 4.0 sets a new standard in inspection technology, promising efficiency and reliability for comprehensive sewer diagnostics and maintenance.

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